Himalayan Salt Bulb - Energy Saving 40 Watt Light Bulb for Night Lamp, Chandeliers and Sconces

Himalayan Salt Bulb - Energy Saving 40 Watt Light Bulb for Night Lamp, Chandeliers and Sconces

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All natural Himalayan salt bulb

Take life with a pinch of salt—Himalayan rock salt, that is. Swap out your ordinary bulbs, and turn your home into a purifying, health-inducing environment. Designed for all your night lamps, chandeliers and sconces, our 40-watt, energy-efficient salt bulbs emit a warm glow ideal for every room. More importantly, enjoy the health benefits of natural Himalayan rock salt throughout your home:

Scientific research has proven how effective Himalayan Salt is at purifying the air. The hygroscopic sucks the water molecules with contaminants inside from the air around you to purify dust, pollen, mold and other harmful bacteria and even help neutralize the effects of electronics allowing you to wake refreshed in the morning.
Today we live in an ocean of electromagnetic radiation due to continuous use of mobile phones, TV’s, Laptops and other electronics which are the cause of chronic fatigue, increase in stress levels, weakens the immune system and more. Our Salt Rock Bulb emits negative ions in the air that counter the effects of EMR.
The Natural Salt Crystals used in this bulb for night lamps provides a bright pink glow that is known to significantly reduce stress levels and give you more positive energy. you can easily change the atmosphere in your bedroom, hallway, living room bathroom or office, it provides a vibrant glow that is not painful to the eyes like those ordinary white bulbs.
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